St. Macrina’s Academy


The  mission of Orthodox  Christian  education  at Saints Constantine & Helen Greek  Orthodox  Church is to  give our young people a foundation of knowledge as they  grow in faith in Christ  and  to live in communion with  one another,  always  bearing  joyful  witness to  God’s loving and  redeeming work in  the  world.

The nature of Church school education is defined in two dimensions:

  •  Communication of the Good News of Jesus Christ
  •  Formation of Christian Character 

St. Macrina’s Academy incorporates:

Worship—living a prayerful life and participating in the sacramental life of the Church

Community—Participating in the ministries of the church

Discipleship—learning and growing in Christ

Service—serving the needs of others in and around the community

Witness—fulfilling Christ’s mission in the world


  • The learning experience begins at 9:30AM with the Divine Liturgy! During Holy Communion, students line up with one another, and go to Sunday School!
  • After Holy Communion, students go to their designated class rooms with their teachers. They will begin with activities, and focus on this year's theme of the Divine Liturgy!
  • Children must be 3 or older to attend Sunday School, and registered to attend Sunday School. Guests are always welcome. Students requiring extra assistance should be accompanied by a parent/guardian and brought to the attention of the Sunday School director. 
  • Parents are always welcome.


Growing in Wisdom and in Favor (Luke 2:52)

The education of children is something that goes back to the lives of the saints, and even before the Christ lived on this earth. The education of children in the Church is something that should be treated with the greatest care and attention possible. In light of our need to share our faith, people must be educated so that they can be brought closer to God, and to share the knowledge that they have been given.

Even though we often refer to the education of children in Church as "Sunday School," we should never limit the formation of our children to a weekly session on Sundays. We must allow them to experience their faith, and to grow in wisdom and in God's favor at all times, and in all places.

With the rotating themes of Liturgy, Feast Days, the Lives of the Saints, and Missions and Evangelism, our curriculum is designed to emphasize that every aspect of our Orthodox Faith is a normal part of our life in Christ.